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The Domain Specific Languages (DSL) are specialized languages in the problem domain, providing high-level abstractions to manipulate its structure and functioning. It aims to facilitate the design, definition and / or implementation of systems for a particular domain, providing appropriate languages that allow domain experts to perform these tasks more efficiently and produce higher quality systems and reliability. The DSL is supported by CASE tools,programming compilers and interpreters to generate system programs automatically or semi-automatically and give support to the computer solution of the problem domain.

A model is the abstraction or formal structure of an element of reality. The models, as formal structures, describe the different components of a real-world knowledge. A particular case of models are graphical models, which use graphical representations to describe knowledge. To describe graphical models we can make use of a subclass called DSL Domain Specific Visual Languages (DSVL). Proper design of a DSVL can allow people without specific programming knowledge, but knowledge of the problem domain, to develop new applications in that domain. In B2T, Psi Research Group was set associated with the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid with the aim of developing DVSL-B2T Platform for Web environments. This platform is based on programming languages JavaScript and DOM, technologies and services in the Web 2.0, the jQuery library and domain-specific XML languages like SVG, XSLT and XLink. Besides, B2T languages own domain-specific XML for generating charts and graphs models based on SVG were created: GLPsi language (Library Graph Psi) to define vector graphics SVG (eg, nodes, connectors, panels, lists, symbols etc.), and the language DPSI (Diagram Psi) for viewing and generating these designs. The TPSI language (Psi Tools) defines: dialog boxes, toolbars, tooltips, menus, manipulation algorithms diagrams, animations, etc.

The DVSL-B2T platform, onset, is used within the SCOOP platform as a display working tool for information and models generation as concepts and relations, data model, state model, class diagrams, etc. It is also used in the PMT (Project Management Tool) project to create PERT, Gantt and WBT charts. In the future, will host its use in various B2T projects.  

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