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B2T obtains funding from the program “Horizonte PYME” of the Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad

B2T has obtained funding from the Programa Estatal de Liderazgo Empresarial en I+D+I “Horizonte PYME”
of the Spanish ministry of Economy and competitiveness.ministerio


B2T Concept has been selected by CIONET as one of the top 15 Spanish startups for the development of the Digital era

We are proud to anounce that CIONET has selected B2T Concept as one of the best 15 Spanish startups for the development of the new Digital era.1394792896 CIONET600x350

The First of October will take place at the Hipódromo La Zarzuela the VI Anual event of CIONET Spain, where over 400 CIO's and TIC directives will meet to share, understand and see the latest news on Cloud Computing, Big Data, Movility, Social Media...


Visual Languages B2T

The Domain Specific Languages (DSL) are specialized languages in the problem domain, providing high-level abstractions to manipulate its structure and functioning. It aims to facilitate the design, definition and / or implementation of systems for a particular domain, providing appropriate languages that allow domain experts to perform these tasks more efficiently and produce higher quality systems and reliability. The DSL is supported by CASE tools,programming compilers and interpreters to generate system programs automatically or semi-automatically and give support to the computer solution of the problem domain.


New version of the UI (User Interface) engine TESIS

In collaboration with the Advanced Databases Group of Carlos III University, we have developed a new version of the engine of user interfaces on TESIS platform.


New organization of Transfer Processes and Customer Care to our clients

Growth means change . As we are growing fast , we have reorganized internally to provide better service . The Scoop methodology is our core of working methods, ensuring that we produce results for our clients in the most effective and quality manner. We created the SCOOP 2014 revision that reorganizes both process analysis mechanisms (via Scoop Process Modeler ) as delivery systems to customers . 


B2T Concept Inc. born in Puerto Rico for the USA-LATAM market

B2T Concept has constituted B2T Concept Inc subsidiary in Puerto Rico to serve the market in the United States and Latin America.  


Within its expansion process, B2T moves its corporate headquarters to Guzmán el Bueno, 133

As we had been announcing the new name of the company, we keep "updating". This time we want to announce that we have moved our offices to the Guzmán el Bueno 133 Street, 8th Left, Britannia Building. 


Software Engineering year 1968, NATO Conference

The major problems we had in software development are still in the same spot, regardless of how much hardware has advanced. 


3D Printers and Systems Engineering


Imagine for a moment that we can work similar to 3D printing.
Suppose we have a 'factory' like a 3D printer but for information systems.
Let's call this factory 3E.



timthumbMerck is the chemical pharmaceutical multinational with the longest tradition in the world.
Since its inception in 1668, it has become a reference in innovation in products and services
aimed at further improving the quality of human life. It currently has 40,000 employees and
presence in 67 countries.

Under these premises and work values, Merck Spain has relied on Adlantia as business partner
whose expertise has supported to provide added value to their technology projects.  


B2T Concept joins KNOWDLE CONSORTIUM Association

logo knowdle efecto hoja

The Association Innovative Business Group KNOWDLE CONSORTIUM GROUP, henceforth KNOWDLE, is an association that aims to demonstrate the potential of bio-inspired open knowledge, artificial intelligence and collective intelligence provided to enterprises, especially SMEs, to thrive and leave the crisis. 



Equipment manufacturer Horiba supports its business systems with B2T technology

Horiba Logo

HORIBA Medical is ranked second in Europe and fourth worldwide
in the field of hematology systems. With headquarters in Montpellier
(France), the company has production centers in France, Japan and Brazil and Local Representatives in France, Belgium, China, India,
Italy, Japan, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Thailand, UK and USA, as well as an
international network that represents the company in more than 110
countries worldwide. 


Introducing our ideas in the area of chronic patients in ZINC SHOWER

zinc shower matadero madrid abril enero 2013

ZINC SHOWER transforms the creative industry with the celebration
of the first Meeting Show for entrepreneurs. 


Compass Group trusts B2T for their financial systems


Compass Group is a worldwide leader in Restoration and Support Services. It operates in key sectors such as Business and Industry, Education, Hospitals and Clinics, Senior Adult and Social Centers and Food at Home Delivery. 



The logistics operator Friovaldi uses B2T solutions for its financial system

logo frioFrioValdi is a logistics company specialized in servicing food retail chains.
It was created in 2003 to provide service to the largest shopping center in
this sector in Spain, Euromadi, with over 200 partners in the Iberian Peninsula
(Spain and Portugal), Balearic and Canary Islands and 180 suppliers.

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