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Two speed Bimodal IT

To be successful you have to be fluid as water: you have to adapt as fast as you can to the ever-changing business rules around you. Also, you have to be solid as a rock: you cannot fail, you have to be reliable 100% of the time. Hence, you have to be agile and robust simultaneously.

Companies don’t know how to approach this problem, but we can help you.

You get rock solid solutions because our technologies are the same in all of our customers. When you buy SCooP, you buy a very well tested and scalable product, that guarantees over 99,99% of the time up and running.

You get fluid, adaptable solutions because the model that conveys the solution is easy to be modified, and the modification has no technical issues. You can deploy a new business process, or change and interface, or change the business rules, or integrate two processes, with simple, agile ways of doing. You can improve and innovate everyday.

Fluid and Solid concepts apply to Core Systems and also to Peripheral Systems. We can help you in both areas. Often, we start our relation with customers with some challenging or urgent Peripheral System, and when they realize the power of SCooP, we address projects in the Core area. All of this thanks to the Knowledge Spiral Method 

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