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The 4 Keys for Success

We help you to success in the daily transformation and innovation of your company. There are 4+1 key aspects that are critical in your success:

  • SpeedYou have little time to start up your ideas and innovations. Today, managers have to work with very short time frames: weeks, maybe months. This is not bad, it is only something that happens today. Old days are gone.
  • CostCost control is really tough. You have to get good solutions at low cost. Super business performance at low cost that is the requirement.
  • UncertaintyThe most common word today. We do not have clear ideas of how things will be tomorrow. We need to adapt very quickly to unknown, unforeseen scenarios. Markets, competitors, legislation and ideas, they move much faster than we think. Whatever we do, it has to be nimble and agile to adapt to new situations very, very fast.
  • Risk. How to minimize risks? We have to avoid problems, to be safe, to scale business. This is not easy, you need tools for being innovative with well managed risks. How to do it?

The (4)+1 is critical: you have to do it in a Repeatable way. Being innovative and successful has to occur everyday, everytime... not by chance. So you need a foundation for innovation working as a safe net. This is why B2T was founded, to deliver the best innovative solutions as a factory, limiting any risks and failures.

Our KPIs demonstrate the advantage of our solutions:

  • Standard time for solution deployment is between four to twelve weeks. The standard time for adaptive changes is measured in hours or days.
  • Total Cost of Ownership1 of B2T solutions are below 50% (up to 75%) of similar solutions worked with traditional technologies. Which is more, B2T solutions are much more efficient in functional terms: they are always close to the business, and contain all features that your company needs
  • B2T platform can be adapted to any Enterprise, Desktop, Mobile, or high complexity environment in a completely standardized way. Whatever you need in the future, it can be done. Thousands of business concepts can be managed in all their data, integration, usage, rules, and automation requirements. Unlimited business processes can be fully described and run.
  • Technological risk disappears, because we don’t do any custom development.
  • Change management is simplified, and your company wins in flexibility, agility, and permanent adaptation to the new business needs.
  • Our solutions are reputable, not by chance: a very sound framework in the field of Model-Driven Engineering is the basement of our success.

Read about the Knowledge Spiral Method   if you want to see how SCooP methodology works. Also, you can read about  Bimodal IT   to learn how we are helping companies to solve the problem of agility and robustness at the same time.

[1] Total Cost of Ownership variation is calculated as follows: development costs are divided by two or more, in comparison with similar functional solutions (the factor depending on the technology being used and the complexity of the intended solution); support, corrective and adaptive maintenance costs are also divided by the same factor; we charge licenses, which increase the OPEX cost; depreciation term is doubled when using SCooP because the obsolescence factors are eliminated;

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