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Model-Driven Business Applications

Model-Driven means transforming the Knowledge that you have about your business into Business Applications without programming. That is, Development of Applications without the need of Developers.

Model-Driven Solutions

Model-Driven technologies are not new, they have been around from the 80s. But now they have the power that you need. We have broken the limits of model-generated systems, and we can solve large business problems with great simplicity and scalability. Some examples:

  • manage millions of business processes
  • describe entire companies as models, every business process.
  • scale solutions without technical impact
  • develop your solutions in weeks

In the model-driven approach we create a formal model of the business process or functional area in consideration. This model is a structured description of your business with a process orientation. The model will detail your business processes, your data, your organization and people, your technological situation, events and rules, flows, requirements, etc.

SCooP: Business-Centric, Model-Driven Platform

SCooP transforms the model into a Business Application, without the need of making the programs. Easily, Fast, Safe and Powerful. And the model can be anything: your CRM, the sales applications for your vendor, the quality system of your company, a financial modeler, an electronic clinical record, a plant maintenance system, a billing system, an asset manager, etc. You can describe any business area, no limits.

The results affect to the bottom line of your business:

  • You get solutions in weeks for your business needs, just-in-time. You solve the problems when you need it, you can limit your CAPEX to the specific problems your are facing now.
  • No technical risk: solutions work smoothly, and scale with no problems. No business disruptions, no delays for technical reasons, no frustrated users.
  • You can address business challenges that you could not in the past, you can innovate and compete much better.
  • Your investment is preserved. SCooP is compatible and you can integrate with your existing solutions. You select where to invest in each moment.

SCooP will help you to leverage your business much better than with the traditional IT products. Read more about  Bimodal IT (why two IT situations?), Knowledge Spiral Method for systems modeling.

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