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Enterprise Transformation

Your world has changed, everything is being transformed by technologies, and your company has a lot of plans for today and for the next future. How can make them success?

Your Business Needs

You have a lot of needs: new commercial channels, new APPs for your customers, new service processes, new markets, new products… And for making that happen, you need technologies, lots of new applications and technologies. You are changing your financial ERP, fighting with the CRM and Sales applications, trying to navigate to the mobile world, sending everything on the cloud, and also trying to get advantage of social networks, big data and Internet of Things, all at once, because now there is a tremendous pressure. We have developed SCooP to help you to succeed in this complex situation...

SCooP Model-Driven Platform

SCooP produces the ecosystem of Business Applications that you need now in a very fast and efficient way. We help you to transform your company faster and without the risk and the pain of having so many open issues around.

SCooP is a Business-Centric, Model-Driven system. That means the development in SCooP eliminates most of the technical issues related with application development and centers the focus on business needs and in reducing drastically the development effort

SCooP has a comprehensive approach to any kind of Business Application that you need: Enterprise Applications, Desktop Applications, Mobile Services and New Challenges (IoT, big data, etc.). The capability of SCooP to support so many different scenarios is based in the fact that all scenarios are also models, so SCooP can extend itself to any problem you have. See the companies we have helped so far.

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