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New Challenges

The economy and the society are moving very fast, new technologies are impacting daily, and we don't have time or resources to absorb all that complexity in our business. You should be working with Internet of Things, Mobile apps for your employees, embedding big data in your operations, interacting sales processes with social networks, etc. There are too many needs that you cannot satisfy at once.

SCooP is the most plastic platform in the market. Its conceptual model can be changed to approach any new need, any new technology that can arise in the market. We extend the capabilities of SCooP in a standard way as new paradigms arise. Conversely, our customers ask us to take into consideration new needs that they are detecting. Hence, a collaborative development occurs between our customers and us.

For instance: we are creating new models to integrate Internet of Things (IoT) into business processes, so that you can give support to new business models based on censoring capabilities. These capabilities can create very large opportunities for your company.

Read more about  Model Driven Business Applications  and how to apply it into your business with Mobile Systems   ,  Enterprise Applications  and Desktop Solutions.

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