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Mobile Apps are a great opportunity for innovation in Business Processes. You will use Apps to enhance your field operations, to create new products that contains technological and mobile characteristics, to serve the native digital that are "mobile-first consumers", to develop new channels to interact with your customers and to easy sales and services and to enhance the flow of information with your people, giving them a different way of work and interact. So you have a lot of opportunities for differentiation.

SCooP has a powerful Mobile APP Designer, which all a very straight forward and simple creation of APPs for smartphones and tablets. With the Mobile APP Designer, you can create APPs integrated with any of your business processes. The benefits of modeling APPs are similar to the benefits of enterprise modeling:

Robustness. All APPs share the same SCooP Mobile Enactment Engine, regardless of the models (services) that they contain.

Model stacks. You don’t want to create and maintain one APP for each service, it is better to bundle them in a comprehensive set of services for your customer or employee. The Mobile Engine runs the stack of services. Services can interact between them, so you can develop sophisticated tools for your end users. Applying the Knowledge Spiral Method  to both Scoop and the Mobile App.

Integration with back-end systems. We provide you with a back-end system that supports all your Mobile strategy. This back-end will support security procedures, logging and auditing, web services publication, service updates, and some other value added services for your users, such as FAQ schemas, or publication of documentation.

Enterprise Integrated Design. SCooP provides with the technical schema for your APP model, data structures and web services, so you can streamline the development process.

Check out the 4 Keys of Success and how it may apply to your company.

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