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Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Applications are the Information Systems that helps you to run your company. Your company needs Enterprise Technology for managing business processes entirely, start-to-end. That means systems that can represent all the aspects of the complexity of your business: objects, rules, integration, orchestration, users, etc.

To add value in your company, Business Applications have to be much more than mere transaction processors. Your Enterprise Systems have the objective of orchestrate your business processes, integrating your existing technologies and complementing them in the places where your existing systems are incomplete. There are typical scenarios for Enterprise Solutions:

  • you need to add intelligence to your operations, so the applications are able to perform activities by themselves, or can recommend actions to users.
  • you have different applications involved in the same business process, and you need to 'put order' and enforce a common business logic
  • you have complex or high volume procedures, and need to support them in a very automated way
  • you have critical areas where quality has to be enforced to 100% and need automatic supervisors. 

SCooP model-driven capabilities have been designed to support your business in all this scenarios. SCooP floats over your existing solutions and applications, creating the order that your processes needs, eliminating manual work and reducing costs, improving quality and speeding your outcomes. SCooP is able to map all your existing systems and business objects, exchanging with them all information and events that your company is processing. In this orchestration process, SCooP adds all the business intelligence that you can describe.

SCooP contains a powerful BPM engine, but it is much more than a mere BPM. SCooP covers all the semantic and procedural issues that you need to depict the most complex solutions in a standardized way.

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