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Every Business Application has a desktop user interface. Desktop systems are a critical part of any Business Application and also are one of the most expensive components of any system; they are not only expensive to create and expensive to maintain but the efforts that we do in modifying user interfaces is a time consuming activity that renders little benefits.

SCooP has a very powerful model designer to create desktop systems, creating large business applications simple to maintain. The SCooP approach is totally declarative, and based in the business conceptual model. Creating user interfaces in a declarative way means that we only declare what information and behavior is expected. For instance, I need a dialog to edit customer's personal data and address. The generation and execution is totally automated. That means that the investment in developing new user interfaces is reduced to a minimum, and also the projects are not delayed because of the user interfaces.

Indeed, SCooP generates all the default user interfaces from the conceptual model, shortening the development time and reducing all costs. For instance, if the conceptual model describes that Customer is a Case, that has Accounts and Claims as components, SCooP will generate a case-oriented user interface to manage all that data: new customers, new accounts and claims, searches, dialogs, etc. Then, the default user interface is adapted to your requirements easily. Therefore, you get your Desktop Systems available in the shortest time and you can apply your company's effort to New Challenges .


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