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B2T SCooP  is a comprehensive model-driven Development Platform with to key components:

  • Cloud-based Model Designer
  • Model Enactment Engines for Enterprise, Desktop and Mobile Applications

The Model Designer is used to describe the expected behavior of your business processes. SCooP provides a description system that is used to document business processes in terms of Process Maps, at different levels of detail. Jointly with this you can describe process details, business requirements, user interfaces, application menus, user actions, actors and security rules, business rules, systems integration characteristics, data models, etc. SCooP transforms models into executable artifacts, which are easily moved to the testing and production environments.

The description of Business Process Characteristics creates a repository of the knowledge that you have about your organization, and allows that knowledge to become a very valuable asset for you.

The Enactment Engines take the models that you have generated and turns them into Business Applications. The Engines are standard systems that are able to understand and execute models of any type. They are exactly the same technical product, with very high reliability and scalability metrics. 

How do you manage complex business ecosystems? It is clear that there are many business areas (thus models) in a company: sales, marketing, financials, quality, employees, etc. SCooP allows you to administrate models as different projects when you are in the design stage. When you enter in production, the SCooP Enterprise Engine will run all the models at the same time, using a mechanism of stacked model layers. Thus, each model has a different team and live-cycle, but all of them are a comprehensive solution. Your benefits: easy maintenance, simplicity for users, integrated solutions. 

Read more about the Enterprise Transformation or check out the companies we have helped so far.

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