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Our people

We are a very innovative and young group. We use to hire brilliant people from the last years of the university, and teach them the way to understand organizations and model them. We develope new practices and that means that our mind-set is oriented to continuous change and innovation. About 50% of our people are graduated in computer sciences, and the remaining 50% in Mathematics

We have a large R&D group that creates and evolves ontologies, languages and engines. This group uses the most advanced technologies to support the executability of the models.

As we need new skills, that are not frequent in the market, we have created an internal on-boarding program, to engage young students in the last year of their career in a new career path, that encourages responsibility and creativity on to of the traditional technical skills: young professionals that are able to acquire brilliant capabilities in short term.

Also, we work with very seasoned consultants and IT professionals, which are able to create a lot of value for our end users.

If you want to work with us, contact us and we will call you back soon. .

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