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2002 B2T is founded by Alfonso Diez and Alberto Cortes. Our goal: to produce very reliable and nimble solutions in the shortest time. We developed the E3 technology, as a DSL-based core for enterprise applications. We came from a previous start-up that was sold to ACC Insurance, today Zurich.

2006 We start working with ontological representations of knowledge for a very advanced project for health care. The Avicena project was related with the representation of knowledge about clinical protocols and guides in a computable form. The question of ‘can knowledge about health care be executable?’ was soon transformed into can knowledge about business processes be executable?’ We started to think about business modeling.

2010 We had a lot of information about Model Driven Engineering and a plan for the development of SCooP, a brand new technology based on business modeling and model execution.

2011 we got funding for R&D from CDTI (Spanish Government) and started the creation of the new Model Driven technology. This took us two years (2011-2013), and was possible because SCooP is based in all of our previous developments of E3 technology. The technology of our customer base was preserved and enhanced.

2013 the new technology was up and running very efficiently, and a new team of modelers (instead of programmers) was trained. By the end of 2013 we started the development of Mobile Applications Model-Driven Architecture, commercially deployed in 2014. We presented our first paper in a scientific conference (Modelsward), and start working on much a more complex problem, multilevel meta-modeling, to represent large amounts of human knowledge.

2014 B2T filed the preliminary USPTO patent ‘Recursive Ontonlogy-based Systems Engineering’, that contains the key points of SCooP 2015, a way to describe any business problem, of any size or functional area, in a way that can be executable, drastically reducing the amount of technical knowledge in this process. Now, consultants can create large business solutions, in the shortest time, without the burden of being technically savvy.

2015 We have been selected as Cool Vendor by Gartner Group, and we are creating a strong Community around SCooP

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